Your biggest recruiting opportunity is with rising star agents

February 16, 2023
Your biggest recruiting opportunity is with rising star agents

A few of weeks ago, we shared with you that 22% of agents switched brokerage in 2022. In a slower market, recruiting is more important than ever - your agents won't be selling as much and many might leave your team for a competitor.

Today, we want to show you the opportunity resulting from high levels of agent movement and how to effectively recruit for growth and profitability.

The below chart shows agent movement in 2022 in South Florida across sales volume segments. 

As you can see from the chart, 80% of the total recruited revenue in South Florida comes from agents who are between $1-25M in sales volume. Given there are so many agents in this segment, the key is to identify the rising stars - or the superstars of the future - so you can focus on the agents with the brightest future and those most likely to join your brokerage.

So how do you go about finding this exciting group of agents? Unfortunately, looking at last year’s sales volume and hoping history repeats itself is not very accurate. 

We recommend using modern technology that is built specifically for your recruiting purposes. This is why we have created Courted Talent Solutions. Our software brings predictive modeling & advanced data science, insights derived from a powerful agent network, and easy-to-use tailored solutions to brokerages to unleash next-generation recruiting. Our platform goes above & beyond any other technology available to brokers, managers & recruiters today through:

Higher conversion rates

  • Built with recruiters in mind. Outperform your targets in less time and with no additional resources needed. 
  • Recruit agents who are highly profitable and overlooked by your competition by using Courted’s proprietary Sales Volume Forecast models. 
  • Recruit agents who have worked with your agents and use Courted’s AI-powered attrition scores to learn who is most likely to join your brokerage.

Better targeting

  • Recruit with confidence using Courted’s proprietary Forecasts that puts data science in the hands of the recruiter.
  • Courted’s machine-learning Forecasts identify rising star agents and those most likely to leave. 
  • Recruit agents who will grow at your brokerage. 

Higher retention rates

  • Keep your best agents with you by knowing who is a fight risk on your team. 
  • Always stay up to date on all recruiting movement.
  • Know where your office stands with Courted Office Benchmarking.

Culture centric focus

  • Hire agents that are the best fit for your company culture. 
  • Know everyone your agents have loved working with. 
  • Know which agents look like the best agents in your office.  

Ready to optimize your recruiting for 2023? Get started with Courted Talent Solutions.

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