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The future of real estate is

predictive analytics.
AI-powered Brokerage Talent Solutions
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Powered by artificial intelligence, Courted Talent Solutions is the real estate recruiting & retention platform of the future that takes your growth to the next level while helping you keep your best agents.
  • Higher Conversion Rates
    Recruit more agents in less time. Outperform your recruiting targets with no additional resources needed.
  • Better Targeting
    Identify rising star agents and those most likely to leave using Courted's proprietary predictive analytics.
  • Higher Retention Rate
    Keep your best agents with you by knowing who to pay attention to before they leave.
  • Culture-Centric
    Hire agents that fit with your company's culture.

Higher Conversion Rates

  • Built with recruiters in mind. Outperform your targets in less time and with no additional resources needed
  • Recruit agents who are highly profitable and overlooked by your competition by using Courted's proprietary Sales Volume Forecast models
  • Recruit agents who have worked with your agents and use Courted's AI-powered attrition scores to learn who is most likely to join your brokerage

Better Targeting

  • Recruit with confidence using Courted's proprietary Forecasts that puts data science in the hands of the recruiter
  • Courted's machine-learning Forecasts identify rising star agents and those most likely to leave
  • Recruit agents who will grow at your brokerage

Higher Retention Rates

  • Keep your best agents with you by knowing who is a flight risk on your team
  • Always stay up to date on all recruiting movement
  • Know where your office stands with Courted Office Benchmarking

Culture Centric

  • Hire agents that are the best fit for your company culture
  • Know everyone your agents have loved working with
  • Know which agents look like the best agents in your office

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