April 7, 2022

Referrals on Courted

Hi, welcome to Referrals on Courted! 

Here is how Courted Referrals can help you. Do you have a client looking in an area you are not familiar with? Do you have a buyer and are struggling to find inventory to match their needs? Are you looking to find agents to invite to your open house? Let me walk you through Courted Referrals…

Once you sign in to Courted, Referrals can be found on the toolbar up top.

Here at the Referrals landing page you can easily gather a list of agents who have closed deals, specializing in what matches your clients needs! Search results by zip code, city name & custom bounds in addition to filtering by price range.

You can also search on the Referrals Tool using Custom Bounds, to highlight a neighborhood, block or even a building. These can be generated & saved for future searches in just a few clicks or you can use custom bounds you’ve previously used for your Insights & Reports searches. Watch our Insights & Reports tutorial video for more information.

The results populated are based on true market data; there are no paid placements on this list. All agents shown here will have closed a sale matching your search criteria.

Once you have generated your search results, only agents who have closed a deal that matches your search will be shown on the list, ranked from 3 - 1 stars. Agents with three stars have closed the most transactions that match your search, but all agents on this list have relevant experience. 

With your Referrals search, you can…

  • Look through agents' closed transactions matching your search
  • Check out their profiles
  • Quickly send them a message

Many agents are using the Courted Referrals tool in creative ways! 

Helping them find best matched agents to invite to their open house or to directly target their marketing efforts towards! The possibilities are endless! 

The Courted referrals tool gives you the data you need to get the deal done!

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