April 7, 2022

Get credit for all of your transactions

Sharing transactions on Courted allows you to claim transactions you've worked on, but do not have attribution for from the MLS. Once these transactions are approved by a team member who has MLS attribution to that deal, it will show on your profile in both the transaction lists and performance statistics.

To take advantage of this feature, you'll first need to create a team. See the Creating a Team on Courted article to learn more.

To share and claim transactions with your team members, start by heading to More > Transactions in the navigation bar.

Once in this view, you'll be prompted to add the start date for your team if you haven't already. Without a start date you won't be able to share transactions with members of your team.

After ensuring you have entered a start date, you can view all transactions currently associated with you. In the filters on the left hand side:

  • My transactions contain the transactions that are attributed to you through the MLS. The Pending and Completed filters refer to the status of transactions that other members of your teams have claimed to be a part of.
  • My contributions contain any transaction that you have contributed to and claimed on the Courted platform, but are not attributed to you in the MLS.
  • Team transactions contain any transaction that your team has owned or claimed on the Courted platform. Note that only transactions within the window of the start date selected for each agent on the team will be displayed here.

In order to claim a transaction, head to the Team transactions view. You can make a claim for any transaction made by a team member that is not attributed to you in the MLS. Once you've found the transaction you'd like to claim, click the I worked on this deal button.

You will now see this claimed transaction in the Pending state on the Team Transactions and My Contributions views.

The transaction owner will now need to approve this request. The approver can be anyone on your team who has this deal attributed to them in the MLS.

Any eligible approver of the claim will receive a notification and see the option to Accept or Reject this request.

After clicking Accept, you will see the transaction now has both agents associated with the deal.

The requesting agent can now see that the transaction is shown in the My Contributions tab.

Similarly, the transaction will now show on the requesting agent's profile, and in their production statistics.

Looking for more information or have questions? Message us on beta.courted.io or shoot us an email at hello@courted.io.

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