April 7, 2022

Creating a Team on Courted

Create your team profile on Courted!

In the navigation bar, click the “More dropdown and select “Team”.

You will then be navigated to the Team page (below). To create a new team, click the Create New Team button.

If you know your team has already been created on Courted, you can search in the Find your team search field to find and join your team.

After selecting “Create New Team”, You will be brought to the Create Your Team page.

Add your team name and team logo. Click Next on the top right of the screen once complete.

Next, invite other members of your team by searching their names. Once you've added all of the members of your team, click Create Team on the top right corner. An email and notification will be sent to all of the invited members of the team.

Click the blue button to view your created team.

Add your start date on the Team. Click Select Date and input your start date.

This will allow your transactions to be shown on the Team profile, and allow you to share transactions with your teammates.

Click the photo of your team to navigate to the team's profile.

On your team profile, you can add edit your profile and cover photo, as well as other details about your team. You will also see the members of your team that have accepted the invitation to join, as well as the transactions associated for all members of your team.


Your team will also now show at the top of your personal Courted profile.

Looking for more information or have questions? Message us on beta.courted.io or email us at hello@courted.io.

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