August 23, 2022

Why you should work with a career coach

We have all heard about career coaches and how they help with a wide range of services, from helping you figure out what you want to do to supporting your professional growth. Working with a career coach is an investment of time and money and it is important to understand when and why you should consult one. When it comes to real estate, the challenge of time is usually the biggest one. That is why we have launched Career Concierge: a service to help agents navigate their career needs.

When working with us, you are matched with one of our expert coaches to guide you to the brokerages and teams that are the best fit for your goals. Our process is fast, easy, confidential and free. Wether you are trying to break into a new market, looking for additional marketing support, or to improve your financial goals, we can connect you with the team to help you navigate these questions and more.

Download the brochure to discover Career Concierge or if you are ready to connect with one of our coaches, visit the new dedicated hub.